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Original Jayhawker Vision: Part 2

Once we worked through the details of facilitating Pre-Production, Production and Post- Production it was time to begin thinking about the premiere. I felt the town deserved a real splashy event, so we booked the largest venue in town and set a date in the fall of this year giving us months and months to prepare and put the pieces together.

Picking a date for the premiere was the easy part. Our growing team began meeting again to fine tune the details. I had a poster created for the film. We had a website built to have one stop for all details film premiere. We set the time and created an event on social media. I chose 3 different ticket price levels (student, general admission, and VIP). We began to market the event and sell tickets. Along the way we added a musical element to the Premiere and a VIP reception. In addition, we decided to raise money for a good cause which turned out to be a much-needed Splash Park in our community.

All the pieces started to come together. Our team writer, Angela, wrote a few articles for the local paper, We posted the posters and information around town and utilized social media to keep everyone up to speed. The VIP reception was going to be catered by one of our Producers. Those tickets were selling especially well. I asked many of our local business owners to provide something for the event whether it be baked goods or items for the VIP bags.

We wanted everyone to be involved in the story telling about our town. At one point we set up a camera again a time or two to get sound bites from locals on what they loved about our community. Volunteers started stepping up to help facilitate the actual event. We booked a band out of Nashville, and it all became very exciting. We secured a Master of Ceremony and personally invited our local elected officials.

As we began to raise money for the local splash park, we put a drop box for checks in the local coffee shop and made it easy for anyone to donate either online or in person. It felt like the right thing to do utilizing a local event while leaving some good behind in our midst.

Pretty much all the pieces were in place with lots of hard work by many. Our team toured the venue facility so that everyone was familiar with the logistics. Many more details and steps were needed before the big night, but we’ve come a long way in 2 years and I for one am proud of our efforts in a town we call home.

Stay tuned for Part 3...

Sue Vicory

Heartland Films, Inc.

Executive Producer/Director

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